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Luminar4: Pro Gallery

From here you can download my MSinfo32 directly from my website. Easier to manage from a site that i already own.

Whenever i use Luminar 4 AI Skin Enhance in low light conditions i see a spread of random high color pixels in the darkest areas if the image, shown on her shoulder and some in her hair.

Click on the images to see the random pixels appear on her shoulder and in her hair on the highest setting slider for AI Skin Enhancer.

I have verified that all C++ required additional installers have been added but i can no longer download NET Framework 4.7.2 as the download link with Microsoft no longer routes me to the actual download page. nothing happens when i click it.

Luminar4: Files

OBS Window Recording

Luminar4 Screen Recording using OBS studio

Recording of Luminar4 being used to show error with skin AI skin enhancer

Redirect to OneDrive file

Luminar4: Files
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